Senin, 31 Mei 2010

Final Reflection

It was more or less six months.
It was tiring, fun, hard, and it was so meaningful for my life, especially for my future.
Because, as a teacher I had to learn more and more in order to I could be a good teacher and would give the best for my students.

This semester was not an easy semester. I took microteaching and play performance.
However, play had taken much time and it was a little hard to manage the time.
The weekly reflection was stop and it was like a hard thing to keep on writing the weekly reflection. (Sorry Sir T_T)
But, I always tried hard to make everything balance.

The first time I came to the micro teaching class E was strange and I thought I could not make it.
I felt shy and I always thought that teaching was like a nightmare because I had to speak and teach other people.

I thought it was the hardest thing to do.
Yes. I thought teaching was difficult.
Teaching was needed high responsible because we had to transfer our knowledge to our students and it was not an easy thing to do.
We needed patience, passion, and we also had to work hard, very hard.

The first teaching practice was in pair, it seemed easy, and fun because I taught my close friend and it just liked when I had conversation with her.
However, it was also difficult because I had to spend more energy to speak louder and louder. Sometimes my student did not hear my voice clearly, because there were ten teachers who were teaching.
It was so crowded and I had to do something to make my students paid attention for me.

After taught in pair, I had to teach while my friend was teaching too.
It was also a difficult thing to do.
In addition, my friend’s voice was louder than me and my students were looked very lazy and sleepy.
I felt so desperate.
I did not know what to do and I really want to cry.
All of them were talking by themselves and some of them were looking at the other teacher.
It was really hard to get the student’s attention.
And they were students who sit in the front row who paid attention to me.
It broke my heart.

But, it was not the real world because I will experience it in PPL II.
I hope I can be better than PPL I.

Progress Test I was the first chance for me to make up my mistakes in my previous teaching practices.
I prepared everything well for the lesson plan and the handout.
It was not easy and I did some mistakes by asked my students to read a passage one sentence for one students.
It was wasting time and I thought it was meaningless.
“What for?” I asked that question for myself.
My voice was not loud enough and my students were so sleepy and lazy.
And I failed to make them “wake up”.

Second progress test was fun.
I taught pronunciation II.
I came to Pak Gunawan’s class twice to have a class observation.
The students were very nice and they really helped us who taught them.
However, Pak Gun was very kind and patience.
Pak Gun was helping me and my friends, and he was lead us to prepare the materials before we taught the students.
Pak Gun was also gave some advices to me after teaching.
And I was very lucky because of that.

On the Final Test, I tried my best to do the best thing I could do.
This time, I prepared picture media to “lead” my students to the materials, which I would give to them.
They were very like my picture and fortunately, I could get their attention and they looked in spirit.
But, on the last task, I was too long and I just had few times to do set closure, which did not proper.
On the other hand, I made mistakes on the handout and I was giving my students lack of reading strategy to read the text effectively.

If I can say what score, which should I get, I will say “B” or more or less 80-81.
Because I think, I had prepared my lesson plans and my materials quite good and well prepared.
Meanwhile, I also use picture media for my second progress test and final test, which can help me to teach and attract the students’ attention.
Nevertheless, I always do some progress such as in the volume, or using picture for the media.

I hope we have the same opinion Sir and thank you for helping me for more or less six months.
Thank you for being patience and for leading and guiding us, in order we can be a good teacher in the future.

Final Test…

Being the last teacher was not an easy job because most of the students were tired to follow the lesson and so do the teacher.
We have to be more enthusiastic and keep on spirit in order we can transfer it to the students.

From my last experience that my students were look sleepy and lazy so that I had to do something to get their attention and attract them.
I decided to use picture in my final test.
Fortunately, my students were attracted to the lesson and they seemed to be enthusiastic.

But, for the last exercise, I thought I was too long on it.
I made the wrong prediction for the time, which might spend on the last exercise.
On the result, I had not proper set closure and five minute left, I still discussed the task.
However, I should ask their difficulties and explained deeper on the materials given.
I also had to give a reading strategy to my students in order to they could read effectively.

The thing that was developed was my voice.
I asked some my friends and they said that my voice was clear and loud enough.

I was trying hard to make it good and perfect.
And the students (my friends) were really helping me.

Second Progress Test…

Teaching 2009 students was a new experience for me.
It was fun and I could get many benefits by teaching them.
They were really helping me and they were all nice students.
Pak Gun was also helping me to teach them.
He helped me to prepare the materials and review the materials also.
He was so patience and he also gave me some advices in the end of my teaching practice.

Actually, I did not sure, that I could teach them.
On the night before the D-day, I had a play performance practice until 10 p.m. and I have to teach at 7 O’clock in the morning.
Honestly, I could not sleep well in the night.
I really needed to teach soon because I wanted it over so that I could feel better.

In the morning I felt nervous, but after standing in front of the class I did not feel nervous but I enjoyed teaching them.
It was fun and they were really nice and very helping me.

By reading their comment, they said that they liked to be with me and some day they wanted me to teach them in pronunciation class.

However, one thing that was very important was that I had to make my voice clear and louder when I taught.
It was a very important thing.
How the students will get the knowledge well if the students in the last row cannot hear their teacher’s voice clearly.

On the other hand, I forget to ask them to pronounce it together.
I just asked them pronounce it one by one after I gave them example.

However, it was a meaningful experience and I was glad to be there.

Minggu, 18 April 2010

Progress Test Week 4

This week was Popon’s, Bajeng’s, Icha’s, Lala’s, Aci’s, and Dwi’s turned

Popon’s set induction was good to open the lesson by asking Seto’s appearance.
However, her time management was not really good and she still had many times before she closed the lesson.
On the other hand, she didn’t review the previous material.

Bajeng’s way when her students asked her about the meaning of some words quite success. She didn’t tell her students directly but she asked her students to find them by themselves and her alibi that it was not vocabulary class but reading class.

Ica was also good. Her set induction was also good. I like her way to ask the students to answer Ardi’s and Seto’s questions based on the clue which they gave.
That’s nice and can attract the students and she could get the students’ attention easier.

Lala’s listering material was cute, but it was too easy when it given to the first grade of Senior High School students. It was interesting but her way to teach was look like when she taught in the kindergarten (sorry Lala).

Achi looked nervous but generally, she did her job well.
However, she could make her nervousness invisible.
She gave many expressions, which could help her students and broaden their knowledge of all of the expression she gave.
When she decided us in the group, she should not decide what kind of expression but the students must use all the expression in order to they could mastery all of the materials given.

Dwi’s set induction was great.
He was communicative but maybe he should give exact limited time to his students to read the reading passage so that the students would get the effect effectively.
Great job Dwi. You’ll be a good teacher
Don’t give up.

Progress Test Week 3

Today is Phe’s, Susan’s, and Mei’s turned.

I want to comment Phe first.
Her way to teach was good and she used the different media from others. Her voice is clear enough, enthusiastic, and generally, her performance was good.
However, what makes me questioning for many times was that she gave me so many texts and it just like a reading class.
We had to read a text for the first time, but then she discussed all of the text (the generic structure of the text). I waited for a few times, wondering that she would give us a writing task. Then it had just given in the last lesson.
The other thing, which made me confuse, was that she also gave their students so many copies of handout and material. She’s so rich, I guess. Because she could spend her money to copy all of the material, she brought.

Susan was so lucky because Dwi had the software she needed to compress or change her audios form.
Her performance was good and she could be still calm down whether she had a problem with her materials. In other words, she could solve her problem well.

Mei looked nervous but her way to teach was good and light.
She didn’t give us difficult explanation but simple and clear.

On Tuesday, it was Seto’s, Ayu’s, and Ardi’s turned.

It was different from the previous teachers because I could find the students laughing and chatting, so much jokes there.
I was an observer when they were perform in front of the class.

Seto was lack of movement, and his gesture…
Oh my God, can somebody help Seto to change his way to stand? ;)
He directly told his students of the materials.
He could give some clue, etc, not directly told what he asking to.

Ayu, should not only focus on Ardi, because she has the other students. And Ardi…
He laughed too much.
In my opinion, Ardi should show his authority in the class and control the class because after he made a joke, the class went to crazy.

Selasa, 23 Maret 2010

Progress Test Week 2

Last week, the weather was worst, the wind was blowing so hard, thunder and lightning was always coma and go. Two of our friends who have to teach the week before have to teach on the week after.

This week was Galih’s, Eyik’s, and Luci’s turned.

Honestly, Galih’s listening materials was good and challenging but maybe it would be better if she give this listening material to the third grade of Senior High School students. In my opinion, the level of difficulty was not matching with the students of the first grade. Her listening passage was also very long. Maybe it would be better if her listening passage was only three or three and a half minutes because she also have to pay attention of the time management.
She also miss pronouncing some words and speechless in some moment.

On the other hand, Eyik do her job well but in my opinion, she gave the material too much. Maybe it would be better if she asked her students to analyze the first hand out and relate it to the materials. She did not give her students time to read it and it was hard to follow her at the first time.
It went too fast I think.

On the second material she did it better.
She gave the students some time to read the reading passage. In addition, one thing that I like from the way she taught is she did not give the meaning of the difficult words directly but she asked her students to guess the meaning.

Guessing the meaning from the context of the sentence was also one of a good ways. The teacher can list some difficult words and also prepare some words, then the students have to match the meaning from the reading passage.
This way is good to build the student’s way of thinking

I like Luci’s way to teach.
She gave a small quiz on the speaking class. She asked her students to have a conversation with his or her partner—asking and answering the questions—and they have to write the answer on the answer sheet.

These are nice and I will adopt some of their way to teach in my teaching practice 2 weeks later.

The first Progress Test has come!

This week, class teaching for the first progress test was started and it was Wendy’s, Nidya’s and Nia’s turned. Actually, it should be six students that were teaching in front of the class but Ebo was not come, and the weather was getting worse. Actually, it did not matter because class could be as usual.

From Wendy’s and Nidya’s performance I could “catch” some important things.
Wendy’ had performed very well and his listening material was very interesting and it was not really difficult if it is given to the first grade of Senior High School students.

It will be good if we later becoming a teacher, we should give interesting materials—of course that is related to the material—in order to our students will not fell bored.

However, I also found some important things on the way he taught. He always tells directly to the students about the material. For example, he directly tells the students the meaning of recount text and the generic structure.
On the other hand, his set induction was very good.

I like his way to ask the students of their past experienced that was interesting in their life and relate it to the materials.
He is so confident. The way he taught was a little bit plain. However, it was better than his previous class teaching practice.

For Nidya, she also performed well.
Her set induction and set closure was nice. She gave the summary of the material in the end of the class. I think it is better that we give directly of the materials to our students.

Her way to ask the students to be cooperative was also nice. She could make the students followed her instructions.
She was mastering the materials, she could answer the students’ questions, and her explanation was very clear.

Maybe I can “cheat” Nidya’s way to teach by not giving directly of the materials, analyze the reading passage, and relate it to the materials, etc.

In the mean time, Nia’s performance was not really good. She looked very nervous and many of her students were have bad behaviour, so she felt difficult to handle them.

I have to pay attention too to this problem.
The one who should control the class is the teacher not the students. If students who are controlling the class, it means that, we are not a success teacher.